Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Launched today!

Hi y'all... (can you tell I miss Austin?) I just arrived back in Khost today from a three day visit to Kabul. It's good to be back "downrange," and more importantly, I now finally dedicated Internet access and no worries of losing the day's thoughts and experiences to Internet never-neverland. - and I can finally live up to my new year's resolution.

Gosh where to begin? We (Carl, the PRT Commander) Gov. Pathan and I primarily went to Kabul this time to attend a press conference on Khost. Seems that our efforts are starting to pay off, and for a non- Alternative Livelihoods provnce (more about hat anti-poppy program later), we have made enough progress in this "tiny" province to set the example for many other areas. Not trying to brag, but I do feel like we are making a significant contribution to the war on terror. In fact, driving and then walking through downtown Khost on my return today, several (of course also curious) friendly folks warmly greeted us. It's come a loooooong way since a now General, then Colonel, once called this "the most dangerous place on earth" three years ago. What is almost unbelievable is the rate at which the locals are also working to rebuild and further develop their own country. Many of our projects are coooperative with the district, provincial and even national governments.

Ok, many more details to come, but just wanted to start (taking the first step in a journey of sharing my experiences with you.) I miss the good times we have had, and look forward to many more to come in the (relatively) near future.

Hook 'em Horns!


Blogger Mileah said...

Andy, welcome to the blogosphere! I will be linking you from my blog in a few.

Did you get the Flicker program to work for your photos?


7:17 AM  
Blogger Marc said...

I can't believe you left out "Gig'em"

7:18 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

Happy birthday!

1:48 PM  

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